Niner has launched a new version of its long-travel 29er, the WFO 9 RDO. The new model boasts 170mm of rear travel paired with a 180mm suspension fork and adjustable geometry that looks well-rounded for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing. Read on for all the details.

Niner WFO 9 RDO Highlights
  • 170mm rear / 180mm front travel
  • Two-position adjustable geometry
  • 64° head angle / 77° seat tube angle (low position)
  • Full carbon frame
  • CVA suspension system
  • 73mm threaded bottom bracket
  • Trunion-mount shock
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complete bike price range: $4,800 - $10,100
  • For more information:
WFO Version 3.0

Niner has a really good blog post about the development of the first WFO 9.

Niner launched the original WFO 9 in 2008. This was a time when the bike industry was still reluctant to accept 29ers. Some companies had been openly hostile to the idea of "wagon wheels". (Looking at you, Specialized and Yeti.) Niner's first long-travel 29er had 140mm of travel with geo that seems pretty high and tight by today's standards: a 70-degree head tube angle, 74-degree seat tube angle, and reach numbers that seem impossibly compact.

If you want to take a stroll through memory lane you can find Niner's original WFO 9 launch thread in our forums.

The second version of the WFO 9 was launched in 2014. The second-generation WFO was closer to today's geometry numbers with a steeper 75.5 seat-tube angle, shorter 455mm chain-stays, and a slack for the time 66.5-degree head tube angle. Rear suspension travel was increased to 150mm.

The new WFO 9 shares the same DNA of its predecessors, including Niner's CVA suspension design, in a contemporary package. Version 3.0 gets a significant uptick in travel to 170mm in the rear with a 180mm fork. It's neither the longest nor the slackest bike on the market, though the geometry is up to speed with most long-travel 29ers.


The WFO 9 is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Contemporary frame features include an integrated shuttle pad on the downtube, rubberized chainguard with ribs to silence chain slap, full-sleeve tube guards through the carbon frame, clearance for 29x2.6" tires, Enduro Max Black Oxide pivot bearings, and the ability to run long-stroke dropper seatposts.


The WFO 9 RDO is compatible with air and coil shocks.

Frame stiffness was a key design criterion for Niner. The oversized frame features reinforcements between the seat tube and downtube and across the seatstays.

According to Niner, this long-legged model is designed as more of an all-arounder than a dedicated enduro race bike. "In consideration of the dueling demands riders expect from the WFO 9 RDO, subtle refinements to the kinematics give it superior pedaling behavior despite 170mm of travel on tap. The leverage ratio curve starts at 3.0, hits 2.4 at 67% travel, then hits 2.6 at full travel. It’s also tuned for a slightly falling rate (about 6% in the last 33% of travel). If you’re running an air shock as the bike is spec’d, the overall rate in every phase of travel feels consistent and natural in every phase of travel. Even with a coil, you won’t feel as though the bike is bottoming out," a Niner press statement reads.

WFO 9 RDO Pricing and Availability

"Hot Tamale" is one of Niner's original colors and it looks good on this bike. A more subdued "Fade to Black" option is available as well.​

At the time of launch, Niner is offering the WFO 9 RDO in five build kits. Bikes are available for pre-order now and expected to be available in late May.
  • 5-STAR SRAM X01 EAGLE AXS LTD - $10,100
  • 5-STAR SRAM X01 EAGLE - $8,300
  • 4-STAR SHIMANO XT - $6,950
  • 3-STAR SRAM GX EAGLE - $6,000
  • 2-STAR SRAM SX EAGLE - $4,800
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