Hot on the heels of the limited Sterling Edition Mezzer Pro is announcing the release of another addition to the Mezzer family, the Mezzer Expert. Built from the same chassis as the Mezzer Pro, the Expert is an excellent option for those looking to jump into the enduro fork category without breaking the bank (or the scale). The Manitou Mezzer Expert has a claimed weight of just 4.48pounds in its lightest configuration and a price tag of $749.99.

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Manitou Mezzer Expert

Manitou Mezzer Expert Chassis

Utilizing the same chassis as the Mezzer Pro, the Expert features 37mm stanchions built from 7000 series aluminum and Manitou's signature Reverse Arch technology. According to Manitou, this keep the fork incredibly light at just 2030g (27.5" at 180mm) making the Expert the second lightest fork in the enduro category-second only to the Mezzer Pro.

Another benefit to keeping the chassis the same between forks is modularity. Riders of the Mezzer Expert have the option to upgrade their existing fork to the Pro level if they find themselves looking for more adjustments. Both the IRT volume adjuster and MC2 damper are available for purchase in the aftermarket and can be swapped into the fork with ease.

Manitou Mezzer Expert

The Expert also features the brand's Trail Side Relief (TSR) ports located on the back of the lower legs under the arch.

TSR allows riders to "bleed" built up casting pressure while on the trail to ensure the highest level of performance and lowest breakaway force for the best small bump feel in-between service intervals.

Manitou Mezzer Expert Air Spring

Within the air leg of the fork, you will find the Expert Air system. Expert Air is derived from Manitou's Dorado Air system and features a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This valve is activated only when the pump is threaded completely onto the valve. This gives the spring rate a smooth and consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke. This design also allows travel to be easily adjusted via included snap-on spacers. Both the 29" and 27.5" versions can be adjusted from 180mm down to 140mm without the need to purchase any additional parts.

Manitou Mezzer Expert

The positive air volume of this fork can be adjusted through the Incremental Volume Adjuster (IVA) found at the top of the air leg.

IVA modifies the volume in the positive air chamber with self-contained spacers dictating the position of the IVA piston. This allows the main air spring ramp-up to be tuned to the rider's weight, style, and conditions without the need for additional parts.

Simply deflate the fork, remove the IVA through a 24mm hex on the top cap, adjust the position of the piston, re-install the IVA, inflate the fork, and away you go!

Manitou Mezzer Expert Damper

Manitou Mezzer Expert

Developed specifically for this fork, and the demands of modern enduro is the brand new VTT-6P compression damper. Adjusted through a single external compression adjuster, both high-speed and low-speed damping characteristics are changed simultaneously when turning the knob.

The damper features a fixed shim stack and a secondary shim stack that is preloaded by the external adjuster. In positions 1 and 2 there is an open flow path through the compression damper. In positions 3-6, the adjustable shim stack comes into contact with the piston, increasing platform force. This design provides a wide tuning range that combines the benefits of a low-speed platform and a high-speed progressive tune that can suit any terrain through 6 positions.

Manitou Mezzer Expert

The Mezzer Expert is available now through Manitou retailers and on the company's website in the United States. Click here to learn more about the fork and pick one up today!