Fox is giving the 34 series of forks a facelift with a new chassis designed for aggressive trail riders and an updated light and slim Step-Cast model for cross-country racing.

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Fox 34 Fork Highlights

For 2022, the 34 line received much of the trickle-down tech from last year's revisions to the 36 line. Fox claims these updates make the new 34 "smoother, lighter, more tuneable, and more capable than ever before."

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The 34 is targeted at short-travel trail bikes in the 120-140mm range. As with the previous generation, the new 34 is offered with FIT4, GRIP2, and GRIP dampers. The new 34 chassis receives lower leg bypass channels that increase air volume. According to Fox, as a fork compresses, the air volume within the lower legs decreases, increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses, the more pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full travel from being achieved. The lower leg channels help alleviate this issue by increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping. Another benefit of these channels is that lower leg bath oil is circulated to the upper reaches of the lower legs, continuously lubricating the foam rings and bushings as the fork compresses and extends through its travel.


The new 34 features a slimmed down arch shape with a slight forward cant that's intended to improve head tube clearance at maximum compression on trail bikes with oversized head tubes. (Evil's The Following and the Guerilla Gravity Trail Piston are two models that come to mind as having massive head tubes and limited space between the arch and head tube, especially with a short, 44mm offset fork.)

Two features that didn't make the leap from the 36 to the 34 chassis are the floating axle and the pressure bleed valves on the chassis. According to Fox, the 34 was designed to be as light and capable as possible. Bleeders, while offering an advantage in certain conditions, do add a marginal amount of weight. Fox encourages riders looking for this feature to move up to a 36. In shorter travel applications—such as the 34—there is less opportunity for chassis misalignment, therefore, the floating axle was not necessary.

The GRIP2 version is offered in 130mm and 140mm versions, while the FIT4 damper expands the range from 120mm to 140mm versions. The 34 series comes in 51mm and 44mm offsets. Predicably, the new 34 is only available in 110x15mm Boost axle spacing. It's also only offered for 29-inch wheels.

The claimed starting weight for the new 34 is 3.83 lb / 1738g for a 130mm fork with a Kabolt axle and Fit4 damper.

Fox 34 Factory Fork w/GRIP2 Damper: $1,039
Fox 34 Factory Fork w/FIT4 Damper: $969

Fox 34 Performance Elite w/FIT4 Damper: $869
Fox 34 Performance w/GRIP Damper: $799

Fox 34 Step-Cast Highlights

For 2022, the race-ready 34 Step-Cast gets lighter and more tuneable. Like the standard 34 series, the new 34 SC received updates to the arch that shed weight and improve head tube clearance. It shares the lower leg bypass channels that increase air volume and improve lubrication.
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The EVOL air spring in 34’s now has an enlarged negative air spring to assist with mid-stroke support. New for 2022, the 34 SC comes with the option to tune the negative air spring with volume spacers.


Compared to the trail-oriented 34 fork, the cross-country race version has fewer options for riders to choose from. Travel is offered in 100, 110 and 120mm increments. There's a single FIT4 damper to choose from, though there is a remote lock-out version available as well. While the standard 34 chassis is designed to fit up to 29x2.6" tires, the narrower 34 SC chassis max out at 29x2.4" rubber.

The claimed starting weight for the 34 Step-Cast is 3.30 lb / 1496g for a 120mm fork with a Kabolt axle.

Fox 34 SC Factory: $1,089
Fox 34 SC Performance Elite: $849

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