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So not satisfied with my spin classes, I went "outside" today and biked the gnar gnar which is the Lakeshore bike path. I did get a chance to take my Mooto-X out for the first time and have some initial impressions

I like the way the bike keeps me upright in the cockpit. I definitely like the feeling of riding higher. The bike does roll faster than a regular 26 inch bike and did take some of the smaller, cracks in the road with a little more compliance. I think for a taller, bigger rider as myself, there is a noticeable difference, though I think I either need to raise my seatpost or get longer cranks because there was a kind of pause at the top of the pedal stroke (anyone?) I couldn't tell you how it descends, climbs, or handles tight singletrack, because i rode freaking flat bike path, but it does get me excited to get it out on the trails and really see how it performs (hopefully by Friday in Chicago if stays cold).

I also really like the Mary bar and may consider putting in my 6.6 too.

I would post a photo of the bike, but I can't find my camera cord.
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