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Hey folks,

I'm looking at wheelset possibilities for my Willits. I'm putting it together as a 1x9 fior typical XC use and I need a geared disc specific wheelset. The Zonos are Wes's current favorites so I'm looking at them pretty closely. I'd be going for the aluminum rim with standard spokes (vs. the Sapim or carbon rim options.)

Is anyone using this setup? Any positive or negative feedback on their performance would be great.

I'm comparing them to the other option of a conventional wheel built something like a DT 240 hubset on a reliable rim with 32 spokes. I haven't worked out exactly what I'd use for a rim if I did this but I'd perfer a Disc specific look (eg. no machined sidewalls.) My first choice would be the salsa but I understand that they don't accept any of the current Stans strip sizes.


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I had (have) a set of the Zonos 29 wheels I used for a little bit - so I could ride while I was finishing building my King/DT/Salsa DD wheels. Really liked them - mine are the ones with Sapim Xray spokes and they were very stable - never needed trued and rolled nicely. I only am selling them now because I prefer to run King hubs both my bikes (and I reused a set of King ISO hubs).

I'd say look for a deal and you'll defintely be pleased. The seem like a durable set of wheels.

Hope this helps
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