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Though the skies were clear and the temps were chilly it couldn't deter us from getting in
that first ride of the year. After our "last ride of the year" at North Bend State Park just
a week ago, we both had the brilliant idea to ride the trails in the opposite direction we
usually ride them. We do this often at places we ride frequently just to change it up a
bit so as not to become bored with the trails. This usually works out well and we have
often found we like it better riding the opposite direction that everyone else likes to ride.

Well, we both agreed that this was a STUPID idea after the second climb that left us
gasping for some of that cold air. It was beautiful in places and was enjoyable to be on
the bike, and we got a very good workout, however it is our duty to advise you to avoid
riding Nature Trail counter clockwise. There were some fun spots that we pictured in our
minds prior to the ride, but it's not worth the agony of getting there.:eekster: :D

Though the temps were nearly 40 degrees up on the sunny flats it remained quite cold
in the valleys.

2nd tough climb of the ride.

At least there are a few level spots and slight downhills in this direction.

Wow ! Some downhill ?

In any case our riding season is already off to a good start and we hope the weather
cooperates and allows us many more rides before the trees begin to blossom. Get out
there and ride every chance you get. Life is short so enjoy every opportunity it gives
you !


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No snow??? There's at least two feet laying out on the Scenic Highway. As always, thanks for sharing, hope you and Malibu had a great Christmas and New Year. I guess we'll see you guys in the spring.
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