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First Full Suspension Choice Help

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Hello. I could use some help as this will be my first full suspension mountain bike. I am trying to decide between these four:

YT Industries IZZO Core 2 29 YT US

YT Industries Capra Base YT US

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy Stumpjumper Comp Alloy |

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy Evo Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy |

Does 10mm fork travel make a noticeable difference?

Is buying from the bikeshop rather than online a wiser choice?

I'm 6' 1" with a 35" inseam. What size L or XL? Or S4 or S5?

I ride single track park Rockland Preserve in CT as well as other New England style trail riding. For the other half of my riding, I go to Powder Ridge bike park in CT. I feel like an all mountain/enduro would be better for the bike park but not so good for the trails. Vice a versa for a trail bike. I'm struggling to decide between trail and all mountain/enduro.
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What's your price range?
$3500 +/- $500
I like the stumpy evo for you.
I think the Ripmo AF is an outstanding bike in that price range.
For park riding the Stumpjumper EVO provides quite a bit more front travel than the standard Stumpjumper. At this time it comes down to what is available in the size you want. The Specialize Stumpjumper EVO on the website shows as being available only in S1 size. Recommend phoning all the stores in your area to see what size they have available. More reach with the newer Stumpjumper models so a person riding an older S5 size may be fine on a S4 with the newer bikes.
I'm in the northeast as well and although I'm not familiar with the spots you mentioned, I checked out some videos and they look similar to some areas I ride. I have a '22 Stumpjumper and '21 Stumpy Evo, and between those two I'd pick the Stumpy Evo for the type of riding you referenced. The regular Stumpy is a great bike but the Evo is way more capable on rough techy downhill stuff, while still being a decent climber and super versatile with all the geo adjustments. If I could only have one bike and my riding included those types of places it would be the Stumpy Evo.

I haven't ridden the YT Izzo but from what I've read I think it would be a little undergunned. I have a buddy with a Capra and he likes it but he pretty much only rides lift-access stuff, so I can't comment on it's climbing. I did have a YT Jeffsy for a couple years and that would be a good option as well, although it's probably due for a re-design relatively soon. The geo is starting to look a little dated IMO.
I'd think an S4 with 475 reach and a 50mm stem would be a good size to try. Long legs/shorter torso means less reach.
Central Wheel in Farmington and Bikers Edge Torrington could have that size in smoke plus Bikers also could have a raspberry.
Forgot to mention sizing. I'm 5'-10" with a 31" inseam on an S4 for both the regular and Evo. I could probably go down to an S3 on the regular Stumpy as the front end is a little tough to keep planted on steep climbs, but the bike is also brand new and I'm still messing with adjustments.

For the Stumpy Evo the S4 is perfect. I love the stability downhill but the bike doesn't feel too big or cumbersome. Given your proportions I agree with others that S4 is probably right but if possible you should try to ride both S4 and S5.
Thanks for your advice guys, I think I'll go with the Stumpy Evo S4 which was my first choice before. Just gotta decide between grey or raspberry now 🤔 since lbs is owned by specialized and can get both
Norco Optic C3 check them out. Alot of good reviews on YouTube.
is it price negotiable.
What does this have to do with my comment on recommendations for him?
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