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First downhill bike, bighit?

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Hey guys, I've lurked around these forums for a while now. I need advice for my first downhill bike. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 17, and I have a specialized hardrock disk, 2008 model. When I was little, as young as probably 10, I'd ride my bike down the downhill tracks in Hawaii. I started really getting into the downhill mindset maybe 5 months ago. I started out, at what I thought was fast, and then quickly progressed. Now I'm hitting 15ft jumps, and head high drops. I've broken or damaged pretty much every part on my hardrock, as I ride it way harder than it's meant to be. I've gotten countless pinch's from trying to go mach 1 over rocks and roots with a hardtail. Yesterday I went to the LBS, and looked at a bunch of models. They showed me a SX trail, I think, a Demo, a Bighit, and an enduro. The Bighit stuck out to me, because it was first off the cheapest, and second off looked and felt like it could take a beating. I'm looking for a bike that is downhill specific, and won't get destroyed if I push it as hard as I can. Any suggestions? Is the bighit something to look into? Thanks!
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the big hit is a dh specific has the geo expected of a dh rig such as a slacked out head angle, etc...

id say itd be a good bike to start out your dh rideing with...i have no experience with one personally but id expect it to be a solid bike...bottom line is its an entry level dh bike

to give an analogy

hardrock is to XC as bighit is to DH
Those things are pretty tough, since you don't know any better, you don't need any crazy fad suspension design. The big hit is priced right and can take a beating, I say go for it. Any of those bikes mentioned are fantastic, the Demo in particular is amazing, but if you are price concerned the big hit is the way to go.
Go for it. I picked up a Big Hit a couple years ago as a freeride/dh thrash bike. Takes a beatin with the best of em. Haven't broken anything yet!!!
mudlover71 said:
Go for it. I picked up a Big Hit a couple years ago as a freeride/dh thrash bike. Takes a beatin with the best of em. Haven't broken anything yet!!!
you bette knock on wood haha

and the big hit is a nice bike... is say go for it!
Big hit is the way to go... I am shopping around for a big hit myself so I can take my specialized pitch out of my downhill runs and keep it for all mountain which it was designed for.

I am however looking for the 24" rear wheel version cause its cheaper and I can build it up to what I want.
or check out the stinky six. 100 bucks cheaper. jsut compare em and see what u like best
heres a deal u cant pass up 09 stinky for the price of the 10 big hit... way better components

or if u dont have enough cash and your dying for one now get the 09 stinky 6 for cheap!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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