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Hey all,

I have just purchased a Specialized Demo that I'd be lucky to get on 10x per year. So I am looking for a Dirt/Street bike that I can get on at anytime and have some fun. There are 2 decent dirt jump parks in my area, so it'd be rude not to, as well as plenty of skateparks.

Now, I have no idea what to look for in a quality jump bike. I am going to buy used and want to spend $200-$400. I came accross a "Octane One Amok 2013" in my area for $350. I like the look of this bike but I can't find any info on this brand so if anyone knows anything about them and if they are good, let me know.

Otherwise there is a Norco One25 for $500 and a Norco Ryde for $450 and a Norco Havoc for $400. All negotiable so I'm assuming I could get any of these in my price range.

Out of the 4 bikes I have listed, the Octane and One25 are my favorite looking but what should I go for in terms of performance?
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