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Finally made it to the bike store to get my bike and other than losing my truck key on the 6 mile run out there and having to put my bike in the bed of my truck, it was a good experience.

Bryan's Bikes in Cornwall set me up nicely with a riding kit and made sure the bike fit. They were helpful and didn't try to talk me up to a bike in a higher price range or anything like that and spent the time with me as a new customer. Can't recommend them enough.

As for the bike, it shifts more smoothly than anything I've ridden to this point in my life and the brakes work unlike any other I've ever used. On the road back to the rail trail I used to get out there, I locked out the suspension and it felt very nice. I was able to flow with traffic and I felt like a little kid on the hills I had slogged up running there. Looked for the key and will continue today but the bike was able to go up any of the steep hills we have here. The only thing keeping me from doing so was the fire lit in my legs from running there. Hopefully all of my riding will continue to be as good of an experience as yesterday. Thanks everyone, especially kjlued, for the advice given during the search for a bike.

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