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First bike in a long time. 2011 Norco Storm?

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Good day.

New to this forum. I'm picking up a Norco Storm (2011 model) next week. I have'nt been on a bike in over 10 years(I'm 35). So figured this is a good entry level bike for me. I keep in great shape going to the gym 4-5 days out of the week but really want to get back into the bikeing scene. It will be mostly minor dirt trails, roads, etc for me at least until I get my bike legs back.
I'm sure there are a lot of pros on here with years of experience. Just looking to get a fresh opinion on this bike.
Thanks for the education. :thumbsup:
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Not much activity here...
Bikeman36 said:
Not much activity here...
Give it time. :thumbsup:
I've got an 2005 Storm hanging in my garage that was my daughters, who has since outgrown it.
From my recollection, it is a somewhat heavy-ish, more x/c hardtail with entry level parts & nothing wrong with any of that.
I would say depending on your ultimate intended use, your choice is reasonable.
My first new bike was the Norco Charger, which I think is a model or two above the Storm (or was) and I beat the bleep out of that thing. Eventually, I did crack the frame but it did it's job.
Good stuff. I should note that I'm 6'1 240lbs(muscle, not fat). I did take it for a test run. Just wondering if it'll hold up. Seems sturdy enough.
This forum sucks for any
it'll be fine. it's an entry-level hardtail which is exactly what you need to start.
Bikeman36 said:
This forum sucks for any
cuz your in the wrong forum...
Ooooooooh. Then me fail. :eekster:
that bike is to expensive

it should be in the 450-550 area...

check out specialized, cannondale, giant, and trek for best bang for the buck.
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