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Just got back from the LBS. I am looking at getting my Fiance her first mountain bike. She has gone once before on a FS and loved it. However, I am not quite prepared to spend the big bucks on a FS for her first bike, so I thought a Giant Rainier W would be nice for her to start with...My concern is that when she went and loved it, she was on a FS and not a HT. The trails we will be doing are somewhat rootie, so you get beat up a little more on the HT. I ride on a FS myself for that reason (back issues). So when I went to the bike shop they also had a Giant Yukon FX which is an entry level FS that they would give to me for around the same price as the Rainier W. So would you suggest going with the HT that has good components (Rainier W) or the FS that has mediocre components (Yukon FX)? Here are links to the specs of the two bikes...

Rainier W

Yukon FX

Apparently the Yukon FX was rated #1 in an "$800 Trail Bike Shootout" in Mountain Bike Action Magazine (July 2008) if that means anything?
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