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Whatsup everyone. I've done a lot of research on this site but want to hear everyones opinions. I'm 5'10'' 290lbs and have never gotten into mountain biking. My buddy just moved out of state and gave me his SS Surly 1x1 (I guess i'm a great friend? haha). I need to purchase a few things before I can get rolling around. He told me I need;
Hub (Front and Rear)
Front Disc Brake
Rear V Brake (this surly frame is an older version w/out disc tab)
Chain Tensioner
Flat Pedals

As far as wheels go I've looked at all the kinds that people have suggested but since I need to find a pair that are both V and disc brake compatible I could only find one and that was the Rhyno Lite XL (if there are more than just those feel free to tell me) I would consider myself an aggressive rider only bc I rode motorcross aggressively so I imagine it might translate to mountain biking. Hubs, Spokes, brakes, tensioner and pedals I am very open to suggestions. I understand this hobby is expensive so I don't plan to be cheap but I'm not Warren Buffet either lol. Any suggestions or opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading guys!!

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Hubs...I'd suggest Hopes or Chris King SS. Those are the two I have experience with weighing as much as 320 pounds.

Rims...I run MTx33's but not sure they are rim brake compatible. And it won't be the rim that's disc brake compatible, it'll be the make sure you get disc brake hubs.

Spokes, I like DT Swiss double butted competition.

Not sure about a tensioner, I don't run one on my SS but I've heard that the Surly one is good.

Pedals, Time ATAC has been bullet proof for me. They aren't flats though...I won't ride flats on a bike, especially a SS.

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Stans Flow rims you can get rim brake compatible. Strong but not too heavy. Use a thicker gauge spoke and they should hold up well.
Flows are not rim brake compatible. The only mountain rim stans made rim brake compatible is the 355 which is discontinued.

Velocity Cliffhanger (come in machined sidewall and non-machined sidewall)

Surly Disc Front
Surly SS rear
White Industries Trails freewheel

Sapim Force or Strong with brass Polyax nipples

Chain Tensioner-
Surly Tuggnut

Spank Spike

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