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shred my gnar
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For anyone interested here are some links to get info you may not be able to get from newspapers, tv, etc.

Under the "Situation" heading click "Daily Situation Report" and scroll down a bit and you will find info on each large fire... it gives decent info regarding impending evacuations and potential for growth.

Click on "News & Notes" and that gives updated info from a central regional dispatch center.

If you are wondering what those 3 letter designators are just look on the top half of the "Daily Situation Report" to find out where the hell all these fires are...

i dont know if any of you live in or around the feather river drainage on the plumas but it sounds ugly... gonna evacuate the town of concow and possible paradise next.

this is really an unprecedented lighting bust... ive been in the wildfire business for 12 years and this is as big as any i have ever seen. craziness.

hope you all stay safe and dont lose any homes...
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