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I gained a ton of info on this subforum and other parts of mtbr. Probably couldnt have done it without all the info on here.

03 SC heckler frame, 5th element coil shock (just had it rebuilt), boxxer ride fork (130-180mm of travel) w/e.13 direct mount stem,
xt cranks, BB egg beater pedals.
X.O. rear deral., xt front derail., X7 shifters, sram sg-980 cassette.

bb7 203mm brakes, (getting the codes when they come out), azonic outlaw wheels, continental vertical pro tires

titec handle bar, selle italia seat, (getting a thomson setback post) and avid flak jacket shifter and brake cables

the bike is night and day difference compared to my older specialized 04 fsr xc pro
on trails that i had to brake on before, i just bomb through with no brakes.

spent more money that i thought but the bike looks awesome with all the black parts.
I only want to upgrade teh seat post and get the avid codes when they come out. Not sure about the rear shock, I might get an air shock to save some weight. I almost got the versus blitz but after tax and shipping it was out my budget unless I wanted to wait another couple weeks to save up.

weighed the bike @ 35lbs with the heavy specialized handlebar (have a titec 280g now).

so if i get a new seat, seat post, and rear air shock it will be in the 32-33lb range

thanks for everyones help.

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The Boxxer Ride only has 178mm of travel. :p Just busting your ballz, it's all the same. Is that an 05 or 06 Boxxer?

Sweet ride, very nice setup. If it wasn't for the changes being made to the 07 Transition Preston, the Heckler would be my bike of choice. Post back with some ride reports , curious how the Heckler feels with the Boxxer Ride. Congrats.
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