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Frame: Karpiel Apocalypse 2004 m/l
Rear shock: Fox Vanilla RC/Fox Float, soon to be Avalanche dhs 9x3
Fork: Marz 888rc '05 200mm w/ Risse flat crowns
Headset: Chris King
Bar: FSA FR 270
Stem: Marz integrated
Grips: Intense lock-on
Brakes: Hayes HFX-9
Levers: Dangerboy
Wheels: Transition Revolution 36 hole
Tires: Michelin DH32 2.8
Saddle: .243 dh
Seatpost: Titec El Norte
Cranks: MRP Bones
Chainguide: MRP
Ring: FSA 38
Cassette: SRAM 970
Chain: Sachs
Pedals: Funn Soljam Viper
Rear derailleur: SRAM x.9
Shifter: SRAM x.9

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blender said:
nice wheels by the way.. i rock those on my Dirtbag.. pretty bombproof so far, hard to beat at 270 bucks per set :p
Totally. They might not be as hawt **** as some Arrows on Hadleys, but at less than half the price and probably close to just as strong, you can't complain.

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i dont care what anyoen says, that bike is one of a kind. looks great man, hows the front travel feel with the huge amount of rear travel.

also i have been wondering whats the linkage piece looks like that connects the two shocks? any pics of it closer

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hozzerr1 said:

why do you need two shocks for?
Set one fairly plush so it takes the stutter bumps then set the other up stiff for the end of travel ramp up.

The air shock activates when its initial spring rate is lower than the spring rate of the coil. As you compress a coil the force it exerts on each end goes up.

I think that's right. It's 1:31, first day of summer life for me, and my head had a battle with wet concrete and the concrete won. Durr.

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Those two shocks and the link between them massively increase the adjustability of that frame and makes it more progressive. In a little rock garden or on roots the upper shock takes the hits. In huge jumps or rock-gardens-from-hell the lower shock takes the hits. In this case you should adjust the upper quite smooth and the lower shock should be firmer than the upper one.
Ofcourse both shocks work at the same time but basically you could say that.

That arrangement might increase the travel of the frame as well. Because if those shocks were connected to the link between them in different order travel would be smaller. Well at least the upper shock would go straight to the bottom. :thumbsup:

Correct me if im wrong.

Edit: Damn. standard235 wrote before me...

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that is a very good looking bike!! so much rear travel and so little in the front! i think if you ever have $1400 extra to spend you should get a RISSIE fork with 12" pure inverted fork travel!
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