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What do you guys think of this stuff? I know it's relabeled by FL and manufactured by a UK company. It's supposed to be pretty good. Now what my criteria is:
1. I have fairly limited access to an outdoor water supply.
2. Ride in the mud, gets thickly caked on in the winter.
3. Will this remove the crud and sand stuck to the grease on the pivot seals so I can safely open them up?
4. Ano and PC finishes

I figured bringing this to the Turner board would be best, since you guys know what works on the Turner finishes.

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been sellin the stuff since 97. no returns, no complaints. thanx for remindin me i need to get some in the shop again for spring. yeah t, waterless or with. you pick, it works.

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What s it made from?

Do any chemists among us know what it is made from?
I'd like to make some

I use MUC-OFF from the UK
A friend used to use it, his bike was aways so clean.
So I teased him about it saying he was a fair weather rider
He said "not true, I use muc-off".
So I tried it....
My bike is always clean now :)
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