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Did a 14 mile trail ride today, not long, not gnarly just fun and Flowly. would have been longer if someone didnt decide to drink 3 liters of waters in the first climb:p.

Flying Dog for those of you in utah

That someone was the one not wearing a green jersey.

Not going to lie this or ski manky sticky snow, not a tough desicion.

Wende enjoying the buffnish and shade, yep the summer equivilent of meadow skipping.

Smooth Buff single track with flowing turns, it didnt suck.

Lonnie moves way to fast to get on camera

lonnie(behind the lense) with what was IMO the best shot all day.

Me finishing up on the super fun Dropout trail.

and just remember your not a biker(or skier or climber) for the matter if you dont have your daily intake of the essential vitiam of "P" "B" and "R";)

thanks to my friend lonnie for taking the pictures
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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