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Alrighty peeps... I've been posting here for a while, and its finally time. I bought Africa Missionary Nate's (I forgot his name on mtbr) S&S coupled ti 29er a few months ago, but just finally had the time and pieces to get this sucka together today. I'm riding tomorrow!
Parts spec:
HS: King (all King parts / cranks / rear brake are pewter colored... understated bling)
Wheels: King universal on Bonty Mustang osb with DT comps and brass nips (1010 g Rear / 850 g Front)
Fork: Reba Race
Seatpost: USE XCR (?)
Seat: WTB sst ti
Front brake: Avid bb7
Rear brake: Box
Levers: Sram 9.0
Shifters: Sram 9.0
Rear Derailleur: Sram x9
Front Derailleur: Sachs Neos (doesn't fit, I'll swap it tomorrow)
Cassette: Sram 990 12-32
Chain: Sram pc-99 hollow
Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood ti
Crankset: Cook Bros. w/ Race Face rings
Pedals: Crank Bros. Mallet M (or candys if I'm feelin' racy)
Stem: Ritchey Pro 100mm
Handlebar: Came off a Bianchi Milano. Heavy but sooper comfy.
Exi in da front
Bonty XR in da rear
Nokon cables for the gears, yo.

Total weight: 25.6 lbs (if I remember correctly)

I apologize for the sh!te photos, but its late. Enjoy,


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slocaus said:
Very nice!

What are all those wierd things on the crankset and rear wheel? :D :D :D
I had a bunch of extra spiky metal circles, so I figured I'd attach them to my bike.

Fear not, thanks to the mullet setup and my eccentric ENO hub, I can return to the simple life at any time.

Maiden off-road ride this afternoon!

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Its tomorrow! As promised in my 1st post, I went riding... and it was good. Did a short ride on my local trails (betty dearing / tree people in L.A.).
I haven't ridden on a hardtail in quite a while. My last bike was a Blur, and I loved it, but my new bike is soooo cool.
I'm glad God made Nate and I the same size so I'm able to reap the rewards of his custom built bike.
Granted it has only been one ride, but the bike thusfar fits me like a freakin' glove.
I need to get some o' them cable splitter dealies so's I can travel with my new ride. I'm going to Chicago later this summer, and am planning to bring this bike with my eccentric eno.
I'd like to get some more pics up because, imho this bike looks real good.
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