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Yesterday was the last chance of the holiday vacation that I had a chance to make it up there. Been wanting to go but hadn't had the yesterday it finally came. A band of rain was moving through the Southeast but it looked like any bit that may have hit that area had already passed so I loaded the truck for the drive from Cola. to Charlotte. Called the WW center and they said there had been a litte mist but the trails were open...SWEET!

On the way up it was raining hard in Rock Hill and I was pretty sure we would be screwed. When we got there, the sun was shining..the roads were a little wet but the yards around looked dry and the trails were still we rode.

I really liked the trails. They were tight and technical in spots and had some cool features. Great riverside riding...very cool feel. We rode the north trails first and then the south. We rode all of the loops. I though Goat Hill, Carpet, and Toilet Bowl were the coolest.

Oh yeah, I thought I knew where the name of the carpet trail came from when I first hit the nice matted-down pine straw section, which I thought was really cool. I love it when the wheels go quiet like that...feels like you're riding in the living room...but then we got to the hill with the piece of carpet on it so I assume that's where then name came from?
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