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Finally got the GF to get a bike!!!

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hey i just wanted to tell you all i fianll got my gf to get a bike!! its just a cheap walmart schwinn womens aluminum comp from walmart but its a start!!! i read alot here and finally talked her into it. She didnt seem like she was too intrested but i brought her out on some fireroads at my locals trails and she didnt want to leave. Thanks for all the good information on the site!!!
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I hope you and your girlfriend have many fun rides. :)
Congratulations! And, good job starting her out easy, since she was a reluctant debutant. :thumbsup:

I started dragging my hubby out to the trails a year ago April and he would claim "good hubby" points for every single ride. After a year of that and the switch to FS, he is now addicted. All of our MTB friends laugh when he starts going on about this or that component or trail and his eyes are all lit up. They remember the day not long ago when his response was, "I don't know. I'm just here because my wife put it on the calendar."

Ironically, I used all the same sneaky things on him that we tell guys to do for their reluctant gf or wife. Took him to the LBS and bought him a starter hardtail (in case he didn't like it), started easy, found a social mtb group for us to ride with together (this was a major hit), complimented him when he tried something new, made sure his bike was always in working condition, cleaned/lubed his chain when I did mine, packed his water/snack/etc, always told him I had fun on the way home, etc. Now he maintains his bike, packs his own water/snack, loads the bikes on the car, has opinions on where we should ride, what trails to take, etc. He even led our weekly group ride for the first time last night!

Hope you have the same success!
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