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Finally got pics of my bike w/upgrades

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Finally got my upgrades on my bike and got pics taken. I did add the Ti brake bolts after these pics were taken.
1. K Force Light 175 Crankset / Ceramic BB
2. 4 Ti Eggbeaters
3. Ti Rotors / Ti Rotor Bolts
4. Organic Alloy Back Brake Pads
5. Ti Brake Bolt Set
6. Vuelta XRP Team Wheelset
7. 33 gram skewers
8. Schwalbe Smart Sam Tires
9. Schwalbe Extra Light Tubes
10. Exotic Carbon Seatpost
11. Carbon Lord Bar
12. FSA Carbon Stem
13. Ritchey Grips
14. WTB Rocket Saddle
15. Shimano M970 Cassette
I do have a Connex Wipperman Chain I'm saving for the Chequamegon 40.

I haven't weighed it on an official scale but it's showing under 20 pounds on my bathroom scale. What an awesome bike, kudo's to Bikes Direct :thumbsup:


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Nice! :thumbsup: I would definitely get spoiled on something that light.
If I remember right I have just under $1500.00 in upgrades. I lost about 3 pounds on the wheels/tires/tubes/rotors/cassette and it really makes a difference since that's rotating mass.
Go tubeless and lose another half pound of rotating mass. More importantly, then you can run lower pressure and improve traction.

Nice bike and weight! Not far off my road bike...
And I thought your car was nice...:thumbsup:
Slee_Stack said:
Go tubeless and lose another half pound of rotating mass.
I have always wondered about the "weight saving" argument for going tubeless. Has anyone ever done a before-after weigh in?

I mean, I can only speak for myself, but my tubes don't weigh a quarter pound each, and in any case, you are replacing the lost tube weight to some extent with rim strips and sealant. So, I guess I am just not sure how significant of a weight savings you really end up with moving to tubeless.
The majority of the sealant doesn't rotate. It sits at the bottom of the tire.

I don't put much faith in lower weight doing all that much. Lower pressure is indeed nicer though.
At what point do you have to consider how much more rolling resistance you have when you run these lower pressures. Chequamegon 40 in 3 weeks and I'm wondering about tire psi being too low and increasing the rolling resistance even though I know the lower pressures will improve traction. Seems to be a fine line for racing purposes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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