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Finally got a SOUL

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Scored a blemish Dillinger from Soul Cycles for $265 shipped. Blem was a 1/4" sratch on the none drive seat stay. I'd probably kick up a rock and do the same thing so wasn't a big deal. Awesome service from Chad. The bike looked steller from the box. Won't bore with all that stuff

Built with SRAM X9 group, old truvative cracks, Hayes 9's hydro brakes 7F/6R, Manitou 120mm Minute fork and madduz explorer wheetset. Going lace them up with Sapim Laser spokes next month. Should make them stiffer and bit lighter. Build came in at 26.2lbs, not bad for my budget build.

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Great lookin' bike. Even at full price these seem like a pretty good deal. They appaer to be nice and burly and would stand up to a steady diet of hard riding. About 1 lb. heavier than some of the high end race bikes but, they are also 1/2 the price. We have a couple of riders with them here in town. :thumbsup:
Very cool ride! Lots of luck with it. How much does it or do you think it weighs?
tad over 26 with gears, I'll have to wait til after race season to see what it is in SS form.
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