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Finally found a generic 15x100 (or 110) thru-axle replacement

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There are a bunch of 12x142 and 12x148 aftermarket thru-axles out there, as you can probably imagine, all with certain thread pitches, lengths, etc. So it won't take too long to find one for your bike if something happens to the one it came with.

But the front axle...if it's smooth all the way through both axles, and not hex lock or similar, it's a problem. It shouldn't be.... you'd think some bolt company out there would make a 15x150mm end-threaded bolt, but that's pretty hard to find. My Suntour Q-Loc thru-axle is a POS, and it's getting harder and harder to remove. Grease/gear oil may help stall the inevitable, but I don't want to end up like the many, many other posters on other sites that had the Q-Loc break and/or permanently get stuck with their front wheel in the fork.

So...? After researching this for a while:
CGVHBK Bicycle Thru Axle,Thru Axle Bicycle Fork Skewer 15x100mm 15/20x110mm Quick Release Thru Axle Mountain Bike Aluminum MTB Fork Thru Boost Bicycle Wheel Fork Axle

About $30 on Amazon, E-Bay may have something similar. It's the ONLY one I found with a real threaded end cap included; all the others are shorter and assume you thread it into one side of the fork that has a fixed axle acceptor. It also has to be a bit longer than each side of the fork, which in my case is 97mm standard axle between the axle 'dropouts', and 22mm x 2 dropouts = 141mm total needed, plus a few mm for the bolt's flanged end (or around 20mm wide for a fixed QR lever) and maybe 10mm or so for the threads to cap on the other end. So roughly 150mm needed, maybe more threading is fine if the cap can keep twisting on until tight.

Standard 15x100 axle for sale above is 132mm between the fixed QR lever and thread, and 16mm of thread = 148mm total. Looks good.

Boost 15x110 axle for sale above is 143 + 17 = 160mm total. They come in both fixed QR levers and just shove it in flanged ones, as well has 15 and 20mm axle width. Remember this will only work with 100% smooth dropouts at the bottom of both axles; the other forks will need a shorter thru-axle that's probably RockShox or Fox-specific.

Coming from China, probably will be delayed in LA...about a 6-week time estimate for delivery. Hope the Q-Loc lasts until then.
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Did the axle arrive yet? Interesting find, I have a Durolux and worry about the q-loc sometimes.
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