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Finally decided to get rid of my rear derailleur. A couple questions.

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I've been riding around in 5th gear on my P.2 for the last month or so without using the shifter at all, and I've decided that I like it enough to get rid of the derailleur. What I was wondering is, what's my cheapest option for spacers? I think I still have a mostly destroyed walmart mountain bike in our storage garage, can I just take spacers from the cassette on that bike? Other than that, all I need now is to bring the bike to the shop to see if they have a crank puller I can use so I can remove my chain guide hardware.
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The Walmart bike probably just has a multispeed freewheel. It won't be much help if this is the case.
I beleive PVC pipe is quite a good option. Your LBS may have a few spacers as well. said:
I beleive PVC pipe is quite a good option.
Quite a good option indeed.

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Ok, I decided to just go with the Wheels MFG. kit on Jenson since I needed a new chainring as well. It's hard to get a good cog to match up with my 38t ring, and I didn't feel like pulling my cassette apart.
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