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Hi! Asking for advice, ideally from someone familiar with Finale Ligure trails and Ibis HD3(150mm back/160mm front travel) bike. I guess my main question is whether the Finale trails can push the HD3 past its limits?
I rode Finale a few years back on the HD3 and remember crashing in a couple of gnarly spots due to (what felt like) the bike getting out of control. This year I rode the same trails on a rented Orbea Ralllon 2020(160 mm back/170mm front 29er) and pretty much sailed through the same sections I crashed on before.
So the question to the more experience riders, can Finale singletrack truly push the HD3 past its limits? Or maybe the HD3 wasn't set up properly to give 100% of what it's capable of.
(For the purposes of this discussion let's leave my skill level out of the equation :). I understand the more skilled the rider, the less capable bike is needed to handle the same trails).
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