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Municipal Manifesto; The Declaration for Urban Freeride
Producer/director: Jordan Willi - Created by Paul Johnson from Cleveland.

Cities featured: San Antonio, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington DC and now New York City

San Antonio
Freeride San Antonio

Chicago Freeride

Freeride Army

Ray's MTB Indoor Park

Washington D.C.
D.C. Street

Mission statement: To promote urban biking as not only a sport that allows thousands of humans to make themselves and participation in a sport, but an up and coming culture, i.e. to dig deeper and explore the rise of a new culture and how each city plays an effective role in people's everyday life. Not only bikers. The point, in each city, is that every biker plays a vital role in finding a way to help the sport grow, not only themselves. To examine the final chosen cities with a fine toothed comb. Discovering in an aspect, what decifers each city from the next. Finding and uncovering each cities untold communities then bringing them together to define exactly what is exactly "urban biking." To promote this film. (Get it shown on TV, cable, theaters, youth centers, high schools, universities and film festivals; and to travel to, and personally present it, at same.) While every ambition is not possible, one must set high goals to reach any level of professionalism.

Jordan Willi: "I will be bringing a crew, about 3 other people other than myself. One to help
with cords and set things up, security and another camera man other
than myself."

"That's why im saying anyone who wants to help can help and will get
credit for their work. By no means will anyone or any city be above
the other. Thats the thing in which everyone is relating to, which
will make this project a popular one. So if you tell me youd like to
help a little more than in just one city, I would tell you great.
Join up, let me know exactly what you want and I will compromise with

"Things that we are currently working:

Website - hoping by March 1st
funding packets

With everyones help we will be ready to head to San Antonio by the end of April to start production."

Other news:

-Promo video filmed at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park available soon.
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