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yes indeed !!

i think a great time was had by all.

it was my first 24 hour race at all. i did it solo on a SS, of course. well, two SS's. one geared a tooth under the other - not quite 100% kosher, perhaps but hey i am old.

anyway, that was fun. i have to give a lot of thanx to the mtbr-SS forumites for the tons of SS help i got along the way. tips and ideas on converting the bikes, just having that SS-fun mindset, and whatnot. also to scoutdog for ongoing moral and tech support for the race itself.

there were a few SSers out there going solo, and tons of SS guys on other teams or like the victorious 4Q's, doing the team thing. i received lots of friendly support as i slogged along like a galley slave - an oddly happy galley slave. the bikes worked great, and my biggest fear - - - - - having some more or less vital body part fail in gruesome fashion - - - - - - never materialized. mostly, i just rode and rode and rode my singlespeed mountain bikes and grooved on how fun it was.

BTW, if anybody feels the itch to try one of these deals, i say go ahead and do it. the long dark teatime of the soul around 10 PM to midnite is awesome, and the euphoric feeling you get when the sun comes up and there you are still f*cking riding along like a nutcase is just too cool to try to put into words. congrats to the 4Q's. i think i just missed the top ten outta like 35 guys, not that it matters. SSers were lumped in with the geared solo guys, i think something like 5-6 of the top 10-11 were SS. cool !! thanks again, all ( oh, and for the record - whoever it is that always sez if you clamp a knurled steel locknutted hub to a steel frame with a really tight old steel QR it will stay put without a tugnut no matter how hard you crank was, in my case, corrrect). :) see ya !!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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