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I've been web searching for the last few days and can't find a good fitting full-face helmet. I'm a 23 5/8", or 60cm, but a long, narrow shape. I've always had issues with helmets compressing my head front to back and causing forehead pain. The problem is half the comments I've found say Bell is for oval shaped heads and Giro is for round, the other half say the exact opposite.

I've tried all the helmets at the local DH/DJ supporting LBS and nothing they had fit, but they only had large in TLD, which is smaller than most large sizes, and a Bell Sanction, also smaller. Both of these were too tight. I just ordered a Giro Remedy in large because I could get it from Amazon and easily return it. It seems to fit too comfortably out of the box, I gather you want it to be somewhat tight so that it can conform to your head,and I can rotate it down or back too easily.

Ultimately I don't mind paying top dollar if I have to because ultimately I want the comfort. I'd rather not pay the TLD $400 premium if it's not necessary though, but I suspect their more granular sizing (2cm ranges) would offer a better fit as long as it accommodates my head shape. I just can't get my hands on one easily.

So what helmet would you recommend to these guys?
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