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*Fezzari new bike coming soon*

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I heard from a employee that fezzari will be droping a new mountain bike in the mid late February. It will be be a long travel bike 170-160 mill travel. It will not come with a dvo suspension either. No name of the bike was given to me. What you think about that.
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I'm guessing it's an ebike. That's the travel range of the La Sal so I doubt they'd be adding another regular bike in that range, and the Wire Peak is a less travel trail bike.
I got an email saying the new bike is releasing on Thursday. Picture below tells me its an XC or Down Country bike. There's a lot of competition in that market recently.

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It's definetly a long travel enduro bike. Rob Drew let it slip the other day on a live stream. Him and his brother Rich were supposed to race it at WindRock this year but Fezzari was having supply chain issues so they ran Delanos instead. There is also a video of Austin Hemperley riding it. I commented and asked what it was but got no reply.
Interesting, hadn't heard that. Haven't had as much time to watch Drew Bros lately. I got another Fezzari email, it had one of those low-light shadowy pictures of a bike. I cleaned up the image best I know how. The bike in the pic is a Signal Peak SC (?? hard to see the last two letters/numbers) running Dissector and Rekon Race. Could they have used a stand-in to throw us off? Maybe.

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If you go back and look at the first email, my prior post to the shadowy one, and look at the orange stripe they put over the frame, you can sort of read the Signal Peak SC. Or 5C. Something like that. I also looked at the diagrams when I made my prediction, doesn't look like a long travel enduro. Maybe just a long travel cross country, relatively speaking. Pic appeared to show Fox suspension but I couldn't tell which one.
Well it is a Signal Peak. Not as excited about that bike. I wonder when the long travel bike will be released? I have heard from multiple sources thats its really close to launching.
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Fezzari site says frame-only is about 28 to 30 weeks out of stock.
I’ve been looking to upgrade for a couple of years now, and the old Signal Peak was always at the top of my wishlist. The new one seems to have taken a great bike and changed it into 2 great bikes.

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