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Seems to be random. Just now, I'd estimate 10% I've seen while I write this are fat. Sometimes it looks like 90% of 100 to 200 bikes are fat bikes. A few times I've seen 20 or so bikes and not one fat. Most of the time the fat bikes seem to be a mission to get to somewhere, as opposed to just wandering, usually solo or pairs, but other times it's reminiscent of the Masai Mara during migration. But that's not comprehensive, just from sample viewing over three days.

The Prevailing Wind is taking over now. Forecast says 13 mph gusting to 26.

Right now I see a four-wheeled pedalled-powered bike with four pedalling making their way into the wind. Time 8:05 indicated, if you've got it streaming and can pull the place indicator back to that time.
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