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Product: Fenix BC30
Purchased from
Price paid: $ .

This will be a summary styled review of the Fenix BC30 bike light. It was purchased from gearbest thanks to a group buy organised by me and Nefertai of gearbest. This will not be a full-fledged unboxing video and full write up review as these are already available. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. I am sorry I will not polish my small video or do a video of me riding at night. I just do not have the time at the moment and I will be free in about 2 months L So I baked the images shots and skipped the street night riding video.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored review. This is my first review and I didnot properly test white balance on my camera. The auto setting messed up the pics a bit.
Summary of review:
1. Official Specs.
2. Pros, cons and the relative issues.
3. Comparison of Fenix BC30 with Yinding (budget alternative)
4. Test driving the light
5. Pictures and beam shots
6. Video. (excluded video of night riding on streets)

1. Official Specs:
I have included a picture instead of reposting all of the data. It covers the main specs

Text Font Insect Invertebrate Screenshot

2. Pros/cons and the relative
The Good:
· Fenix Quality
· Bike friendly 30 Degrees horizontally rotatable head.
· Self contained. No need to carry an external battery pack/deal with external wiring
· Metal housing for excellent heat dissipation.
· Neutral emitter for better vision including road/off road
· Dual beam lighting (Flood/Throw combo with 2 leds)
· IPX 6 Water resistant
· Well spaced modes
· Excellent runtimes from 20 hours to 5 hours for 500 lumens and 1h50mins for 1200 lumens.
· Fenix regulation (Perfect constant brightness)
· Upto 1800 of lumens goodness on burst!
· Usable as a hand held light (YES totally)

The Bad:
· The 1800 lumens is available on burst mode only. Maybe duct tape the switch for 1800 lumens non burst :p (No clue about heat dissipation. Not going to test that as I paid for my unit!)
· The battery carrier looks to be made of average plastic compared to the sophisticated looks of the whole package.
· Emitters cannot be activated independently (Either flood or throw)

The so/so :D
· 2 cells only. Some people prefer 4 cells for longer runtimes. Some like 2 as it is less of a hassle to ride.
· Relatively heavy (but well balanced) when compared to lights which feature separate battery packs.
· No tint/emitter choices. You either get a neutral tint or nothing!

3. Comparison of Yinding/Fenix BC 30
Note: The Yinding is a popular budget choice with riders and is also available from gearbest with a coupon.

S/NDescriptionFenix BC30Yinding
1Cost$70~$40 (Light + case 4 batteries included)
~$38 (Light + fenix case)
~$48-50 (Light + case + remote switch)
$9 Gopro heat sink mount for Yinding/KD2:
2EmitterXM-L2-T6 (Neutral only)Neutral or cool white.
3No of Leds22
4Modes/Levels available5 (inc burst) + Strobe3+ strobe
5Mode Spacing100-200-500-1200-1800Not specified. 900 max.
6Rotatable headYes -
30Deg horizontally
7Battery Power IndicatorYesNo.
8Max Lumens1800900
9Water ResistantIPX6Not specified. Battery case not waterproof **
Hand held light
Head LampNoYes

**Note: Some details (waterproofness, lumens)about the Yinding were picked from this review as none was found:

4. Test driving the Light
Well, first off, this thing puts off a massive wall of light. It does not throw very well on the 500 lumens mode but lights up everything in front of you (More on this on the gif picture comparison). This light is best coupled with a head/helmet lamp that throws decently. It's the kind of lighting I like to ride J The mount is super sturdy and I did not have any wobbling that affected the beam pattern. One thing that I was dissapointed is the lack of perceptible difference between 1200 and 1800 lumens. Maybe it has to do with my cells being protected and keepower. More of this below on the video comparing 1200 vs 1800 lumens. My overall appreciation is that I very pleased with this self contained unit. For $70, yeah good deal.

5. Images and beam shots

2 Gif shots to compare 420 lumens Quark with 500 lumens mode Fenix. These are quite heavy gifs. Click to view... BC30 Review/output_1QDamB.gif BC30 Review/output_4kjxMY.gif

Text Darkness Black Space Midnight

Nature Natural environment Darkness Atmosphere Light

Nature Natural environment Infrastructure Road surface Atmosphere

Nature Vegetation Natural environment Property Infrastructure

Vegetation Nature Green Property Road surface

Vegetation Nature Road surface Leaf Asphalt

6. Video
Here is the video of the mode cycling on the Fenix BC30.
Mode cycling between 1200 and 1800 lumens. Cannot include 2 videos. So I just posted the link.


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