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Female Rider 5' Tall: looking for bike

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Hi All; I have a female friend who is just 5' tall and she's looking for a full suspension bike. So far she's had zip for luck. Does anyone know of a frame that might work; I suggested she write to DT and Sherwood-not sure what else to do. Any female riders out there who are 5' or under riding fs bikes?
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Titus with an XS motolite might do the trick. It came down to that when searching for my wife.
Does Turner make a frame that small?

Not sure if DT has a frame that'll work or not. What about a SC Juliana? It's basically just a downsized superlight. Maybe the reign in 15"??

Racer X?

I think the Racer X is available in super small also (not absolutely sure).

The Turner "Jane". A 13" Flux.
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How much travel does she want? if you can find it there's the XS titus loco moto 4-4.5", XS quasi-moto 6". also giant makes a 13.5 women's Trance 4". These are just bikes and frames that came to mind. I've also seen some pics of a really small custom Ventana.

I recall in a thread long ago that Turner made a XS flux or 5-spot.
Ells makes an XS Truth as well. I believe it is a 14" frame.
tscheezy said:
The Turner "Jane". A 13" Flux.
Nice, now I find out they make a women specific frame :) Actually we were on a semi budget and paid a little over 2K for the complete bike, it's a small Julianna and she's right under 5'2" with a shorter torso, it fits her perfect and she's really happy with it!
That could suit my wife too!
tscheezy said:

The Turner "Jane". A 13" Flux.
What?!?!?!? is this by special request? I've been looking for a bike for my wife and want to put her on a Turner but at 5'... i was SOL.
Call Turner and ask when the next Janes are coming out.
At 5'4" my wife is on a XS 2002 XCE.

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My wife at 5' 1" tall rides a XS or 13" Ventana X5. The X braced frame gives more standover clearance too which is very hard to find in a full 5" travel bike.
Intense makes both the Spider and the 5.5 in XS sizes, which they say are suitable for riders down to 4'8".
normally id point ya towards titus who makes some killer xs racer x frames or a julianna. this was before i knew turner made the 13" flux however. that thing is super cool! careful of some of the titus b/bkt and standover heights on their longer travel frames. might not be suited for tiny folk.

1 thing ya didnt mention is her intent on the bike.
I need to see a picture of her before I can make a recommendation...:eek: :p
for fit purpouses of course. you dog you!
This one is nice... Women's ML

Also, you may read this... even if your last choice is not Titus.

It'll help you narrow your choices.

Also, don't quote me, but not long ago, I recall someone was quoted cheap for a Titus Ti Custom frame. So maybe a custom Ti frame may not be a crazy option. I guess 300 bucks give you custom geometry at Titus, on Ti frames.
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