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My 19.5" 2008 Solo + 17.5" 2008 Redemption

I have set my Rebas to 100mm travel and this is the single best thing I have done to my bike.

Since the photo was taken I have fitted a single speed converted M960 chainset with a black spire ring, and a front Bonty X-lite 29er wheel, and am runnig the front crossmark tire tubless.

I am running a 100mm 7 degree stem, and have replaced the conical spacer under the stem in the photo with the smallest/lowest spacer I could get my hands on. It has DX flats on it as I was letting a couple of other friends try the bike, it has XTR spd's on it normally.

My redemption 2 2008 has a Vanillar RC coils hock fitted, an outer bash gaurd and a BB mount black spire "Stinger" roller guide fitted. Tires are 2.5", Telonix rear and Nevegal front.
Stem is flipped upside down to get the front lower and the bars are SunRace 730mm with only a very minimal rise.

Inner tube obn the down tube is to protect from all the rocks - this photo is taken in Alp D'Huez couple of days before racing the Megavalanche.
1 - 20 of 152 Posts
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