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Felt Redemption 2 - UK version

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6'3" 230. Smart choice? I can get a pretty dang good deal (if he still has it).

Only bad thing is it's a beast at 34.8lbs

If you compare it to the 09 US Compulsion series, they range from 28-31lbs. I've been riding mostly XC, but starting to get more into the technical trails and my current bike isn't gonna hold up much longer.

Then again I could eat a couple more salads and make up the difference :)
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Felt Compulsion 1 09

I just picked up a 09 Compulsion 1 for £1600 and it's in the range of 29-30# and I'm 202 on a good day. Havn't ridden it but it all seems to be bombproof xt kit. JE James have an 08 19" for £1575, at least they did lest weekend. Might be worth a look. Only difference I could see was a Pike fork instead of a TALAS. I'll let you know when I get on it and ride it. Put my back out the day after I picked it up. 9 days and counting. I've ridden it 100 yards. I'll keep you posted.
I ended up buying it. I pick it up after work and hope to take it out for a spin tonight. I better just scratch it right away... it's too pretty.

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Good stuff.. backs almost healed. I should get out on mine this weekend. let me know what you think, I have my shock and forks dialed and I'm ready to go. Saw an orthepedia..something yesterday and feel better now. I'll post pics and a review on the weekend. It'll be good to compare notes. Have fun sanspeur
First ride tonight, loved it. Only did about 5 miles. Steady moderate uphill out and then a little more technical downhill on the way down. Wanted to stay away from the tough stuff till I got the feeling for the new ride.

Holy cow, what a difference from my cheap Jamis hardtail on the downhill stuff. Also, being the first time going uphill on a FS I really didn't feel like I lost much on the steep climbing sections. After I learn how to set the rear shock to my liking it will probably be even better. Brakes were a huge difference. I found myself having to be careful using the brakes! On my old Jamis I used to have to REALLY pull them in sections. Difference between a $350 bike and a much more expensive one I guess!

Did a nice 0mph fall. First time doing it since I went clipless. Everyone was impressed. Thankfully the bike landed on me ;-)

Got 2 more rides planned this week already! I'll post a few pics later.
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Here's the new ride. Hope I can link from fbook.... let me know if they don't show up.

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Nice looking bike.

Where are you? Arizona, New Mexico? I lived in West Texas for quite a while and the terrain looks very similar. What are your thoughts on the bike so far? My back is healing nicely I should be ready to give mine a blast on hte weekend if not tomorrow. Have a good one. sanspeur
I'm in Grand Junction, CO. The first pic is at the Lunch Loops in GJ Tuesday night. The last couple are from Loma (Kokopelli trails) last night.
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