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Felt Nine Race vs GF Paragon vs Specialized SJ

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Well, I think I've decided to get a 29er hardtail. I think I've narrowed it down to these three (though if you have other suggestions of the same caliber, fire away) and thought I'd pulse the collective wisdom here on these three bikes.

Whaddya got?
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Felt makes a really nice bike.....all XT drivetrain for the Nine Race.

Fisher Paragaon.......prone to cracking........however rides spec is a little lower.

Specialized SJ......hear that the Specialized are a little personal experience here.
I've never ridden the Felt but I'm sure you would be happy with it. I do however own a 09 Paragon & absolutely love it! I'm pretty sure the cracking frame problem was on the earlier models. I haven't heard of any problems with the 09...of course I could be wrong. I would highly recommend this bike. Evertime out with it I like it more & more....and I never didn't like it.:D
I have a G1 and G2 GF; love them both. Dig the G2 Paragon. Great Bike!
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