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feline cat rescue needed-farmington hills,mi.

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riding N. along orchard lake rd.monday, 1 street S.of I696-rockshire I noticed a young black/white cat sitting on the south side of the road which is dirt-E.of orchardlake rd./so I went to see if he/she was allright while keeping a distance.I could see some flies buzzing his back & he must have panicked as he scooted into the brush-using only his front 2 legs-rears were not moving.did not appear to be starving so he may have been struck by a vehicle recently.left a can of cat food+water & both were gone tues./same thing this morning,wed./so today left him 3 pieces of chicken,some dry cat food+more water hoping he may fight off any infection better if he is strong.local animal control will not set out a live trap;I have one but live 15 miles away & can't check it often if he is in to spend least amount of time caged.Q/ if someone would be willing to check the status of the cage I would be willing to leave it out.there is a vet at maple&orchardlake road whom may be able to help-if he/she is not severelly injured.a FOUND add runs thursday in the one day only.if anyone would be able to assist,Email [email protected] ........larryc.
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thank you from a cat owner

So, let me get this straight...

You were riding Monday when you saw an injured cat. Unless you happened to have cat food in your [email protected], you then went to the store and bought cat food, then brough it back to this injured animal.

Tue on your ride, you went looking for the cat and discovered food and water gone, so you left more, having either driven 15 miles or having brought in in your hydration pack.

Wed you went to find him again, this time bringing chicken and dry food.

In the mean time, you've taken out an ad in the local paper...
for an injured cat you saw once, three days ago.

My cat just called to me from the doorway, a random meow, asking for love and attention. If anything were to ever happen to her, I pray some kind, loving person like you would find her. Thank you.
May God direct your steps and make His face to shine upon you.

Good luck and I hope you find the cat and the owner.

-sunny in SoCal :cool:
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If the local animal control authorities won't help, give a call to a nearby Humane Society, if there is one. They may be a little more willing to rescue an injured animal. My impression is that the animal control authorities are most interested in protecting people from problem animals, whereas the Humane Society is more interested in protecting animals from problem people (or situations).

Good for you for trying to help the injured kitty.

You might try a local rescue society. A search on petfinder shows that the Humane Education project rescues cats and dogs and is located in Farmington Hills, MI. I'm way out on the west coast, so I don't know the area. If you give them a call though often they're made up by individuals who will try to go get abandoned animals. Their info is:

Humane Education Project (248-788-5710)

My wife and I just adopted two kitties with the help of a local rescue society. One was from a homeless camp and the other was from an abusive home. He was deathly afraid of people and refused to play with other cats. He would just hide behind the litter box. But two months with lots of love and a titanium bike worth of vet bills later, they're two wonderful cats that we wouldn't give up for the world.

You're a very good person for doing all this for the little fuzzy guy/girl. Hopefully the Humane place that I gave can offer some assistance.



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