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So, I'm back to working on my bikes after a long absence due to surgery/crutches. No riding yet though, probably nothing real 'til May or June. I really wish I could get a part-time gig wrenching at one of the LBS, as it would be nice to have some money for college next year. But this tutoring job I've got now works out mighty fine; $40/week for two hours' work helping this kid with math that I did four years ago, and other stuffs prevent me from having time to get another job.

But I was reassembling my road bike's rear hub tonight, and I ran into a problem. Already Sheldon'd it, but nothing that really helps me. A while ago, I had to cut off the Hyperglide lockring so I could take the hub apart. And I have a spare Hyperglide-Compact lockring as a result of a gift from my uncle. Just wondering: is it possible to use a compact lockring on a non-compact hub/cassette? The non-compact cassette has a 12t small cog, whereas the compact lockring is meant for an 11t small cog.

Does anyone have any experience using a compact lockring on a non-compact hub/cassette? Sheldon says not to use a non-compact lockring on a compact hub, but that's the exact opposite situation. My wrenchy-sense says it's fine, but my non-crashing-sense says to not tempt it.
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