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The ad posted on this forum, while I can appreciate that that is why the forum exists to sell ads, is for an item that is a dinosaur in the Motor Assist Bicycle marketplace. The Chinese two stroke engines, or Happy Times as they are sometimes called, were banned in mainland China a number of years ago due to emissions. They have since been replaced by about 20 million electric bikes and scooters too that present their own problems in regards to battery disposal. Many of which have been sealed lead acid (sla) type batteries that can be recycled for the lead but how many are is the question. They are cheap to buy and only last about 200/300 cycles if used correctly but I digress.

The "EPA" certified HT's that are sold by the vendors, like the one here, were only ever certified for non road use.
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As far as I know the newly enacted (01/01/2010) EPA restrictions don't even allow for their import for non road use at this time.

These engines, because they are so cheap to buy have gained a following of sorts by guys like Thor here.
Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Spoke

with build quality ranging from
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to this
Bicycle tire Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim

There are definitely quite a few in use on the road here in the US at this time and forums like this one to support them. But they are cheap for a reason because they are basically junk that takes a skilled hand to make work well enough to trust riding it too far from home base.

The legal limit in all states here in the US is 49cc but many choose the "more power" route and order the 80cc models (which in fact are only 66cc). These are 2 stroke engines which are loud and stinky and obnoxious and the EPA ban on them is IMNSHO justified.

There are 4 cycle kits available if you want to try a gas motor but they have their own complications.

Caveat Empor
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