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Hi, I'm considering the DB Kitsuma Air vs. Fox Float X2 (2021-2022) as an upgrade to my current 2021 Float DPS on my 2021 Vitus Escarpe CRX. Leverage curve is below (it's the yellow line), pretty progressive, horst link...

First hand feedback on the Kitsuma is hard to find, aside from Pinkbike review. Anybody have experience? I have a service center (Fluid Focus) within 30min, so service would not be an issue. But I'm a big fan of lower-maintenance items when possible. Not sure if I should expect the Kitsuma to be higher maintenance than the X2?

For my riding, I am mostly riding pretty fast, rocky so-cal DH with plenty of chunk and chattery terrain. All of these trails require an equivalent climb to get the goods, which I also enjoy, so tech climbing performance is a definite priority as well as composure on the descent. Also like to ride Mammoth and Snow Summit bike park, more into long descents and more natural techy terrain than air features. Weigh 220lb kitted up.

Thanks in advance for any feedback on either or both of these shocks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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