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Feedback/ experiences with American Classic wheelset „All Mountain 29 Tubeless"

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Hi folks,
anyone have in-depth experiences with the American Classic wheelset „All Mountain 29 Tubeless“?
I do like the look and the listed weight of 1680g very much and thinking about the set.
I am around 87kg/ 192lbs and would use it in moderate terrain, but for XC and marathon, NOT for all-mountain or enduro...

Anyone running the set? What about the hub quality/ spare parts?
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I had terrible luck with the hubs and the wheel build. If you ride aggressive and weigh in around 200 with gear i think your are asking for trouble with a wheelset that light but that is just my opinion. There will be tons of people that tell you the wheelset is bombproof.
I think they are timebombs.
Can't speak for that particular wheelset, but allegedly they have corrected the hub issues. I am 200 lbs and am considering a set of ZTR/Arches for endurance races. They should be around 1725-1750 grams, and you can pick those up for close to $450. For regular rides I will stick with my Hope/Flows (1940 grams).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts