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I understand in the federal budget has removed the tariffs off sporting goods i.e. hockey equipment. Does anyone know if this also covers the tariff on bicycles? I can't seem to find if it does, but then again many of the details are not in the budget and may come after buried in another omnibus bill.

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"It's an industry with a relatively large presence in Quebec."

Dorel Industries said:
In 2004, Dorel became one of the largest marketers of recreational products in North America with its acquisition of Pacific Cycle, a leader in the design, marketing and distribution of high quality branded bicycles and other recreational products, best known for its Schwinn, Mongoose, GT and Roadmaster bicycle brands. In February 2008, Dorel purchased the Cannondale Bicycle Company and SUGOI Performance Apparel, furthering its goal to become a preeminent global bicycle company.

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items effected by new budget,

Here is a list of the items affected:

Sporting equipment:
Hockey sticks.
Ice skates.
Curling stones.
Gloves for baseball, golf, cricket and other sports.
"Other equipment (including wooden baseball bats)".
Waterproof ski boots "of plastics."
Cross-country ski footwear.
Snowboard boots.
Skis other than downhill skis.
Ski poles "and other equipment."
Waterskis, surfboards "and other water sport equipment."
Golf clubs, individual or sets, or parts of golf clubs.
Golf balls, and hollow golf balls for practice.
Table-tennis equipment.
Inflatable balls other than basketball, volleyball, or soccer.
Cricket balls.
Non-inflatable balls other than croquet, squash, raquetball, lawn bowling, and carpet bowling.
Roller skates.
Exercise, gymnastics and athletics equipment.
Archery equipment
Clay pigeons for trapshooting, and target-throwing machines.
Automated batting cages, throwing or pitching machines.
Leg pads or bats for cricket.
Shin-guards, elbow or shoulder pads, excluding those for football.
Waist, thigh and hip protective equipment.

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"The Tories are keeping in place a tariff on assembled bicycles to protect domestic bike assemblers and manufacturers. It's an industry with a relatively large presence in Quebec."

Some examples include an increase on the tariff on bicycles to 13 per cent from 8.5 per cent; venetian blinds to 7 per cent from 3 per cent; table fans to 8 per cent from 2.5 per cent; tableware to 6.5 per cent from 3 per cent; umbrellas to 7 per cent from 5 per cent, and potato starch to 10.5 per cent from 5 per cent.

this was in this morning's Spec
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