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What problems would occur if you used a 113mm spindle, with the M460 crankset, to

give a more perfect chainline of 47.5/48mm. How critical are frame

angles/dimensions when determining spindle length?

I am also looking at the FC-M443-S crankset



08474395181667&CONTENT%3C%3Ecnt_id=10134198673270103&bmUID=1168874437737) but don't

understand the difference in specification of the BBs recommended for this

Crankset. What does the LL, in LL123, mean? Also, on that page they mention an axle

(spindle) length of 117.5. What are they referring to because I don't see this

spindle length on the online stores? What is the difference between an LP and a UN


For both of these cranksets, does anyone know if you can get the outer rings in



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Is the M460 available in Silver?

Regarding the M443, what is the correct BB or spindle length to use if you are not using a Chaincase?

On the following page, what do the different prefixes for the BBs mean?<>ast_id=1408474395181667&bmUID=1169610099610

Can somebody explain the differences between the FC-M442-S and the FC-M443-S.

The 442 is located at the following page.<>ast_id=1408474395181667&bmUID=1169606042735

After looking at the PDF files I can see nothing that says the 48T version of the 443 is different to the 44T version and hence the 442 crankset should also be able to use a 48T large ring unless there are differences in the "dishing" of the spider as possibly indicated by the different BB specifications for each crankset.

Can someone enlighten me further please?

Thanks in advance,
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