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What is your fav. component that you often switch from bike to bike?

Mine is Titec Hellbent bars. I have tried so many different bars and I just keep coming back to 'em. Weird, it is like they have me brainwashed!! Also my Time pedals always go and lastly my trusty Ti railed Gary Fisher San Marco saddle.

What on your bikes seem to go bike to bike to bike. Fav's etc.

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Seat and brakes

2 things that have remained constant for quite awhile:

Saddle: SDG S2000Ti, vintage 1996, recovered twice, been on I think 7 different bikes.
Brakes: 1st (maybe 2nd?) generation XT disc brakes, BRM755/756. Tried others, but none have felt or worked as well in my opinion.

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Saddles for sure

For me I cant seem to live without an Avocet O2 air racing saddle, I have one on every bike. I've tried plenty of other brands that are cheaper (and more available) but I keep going back.

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Yeah, Cranks Bro and Thomsons eatpost (straight for me) go from bike to bike. A King headset is getting an incarnation job soon, being transferred to a bike with adult wheels, but in general I think King's are overpriced. At least for the riding I do, cheaper ones should out-live the rest of the componenty anyway.

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I had one pair of Sweet Wing cranks that served on every MTB I rode from 1994 to around 2001. They're still in service today, but on a friends bike. I still have two more sets in the shop. I kick myself now for letting go of my 110mm SweetParts stem that I felt was too short back when everybody was designing bikes for long (135+) stems.

King Headsets.
Salsa stainless steel water bottle cages.
WTB Rocket saddles - the perfect saddle for my azz and I've run them on everybike I've had since they came out; MTB, road, cross, fixer, or otherwise.
Phil BB's on anything with a square taper.
Phil Hubs on SS, fixers, or track bikes. I do have a Phil 20mm thru for my MTB.
I seem to have a large collection of Thomson posts in various sizes, even though I'm not a big fan of straight posts. Hard to beat their strength to weight to cost ratio.

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Same Here

180mm Syncros Revolutions - 4 bikes so far, 5 when my SIR Niner shows up.
Flite Saddles - The old style, the newer ones are much harder, can't tell why.
Candy Pedals
Magura Louise brakes


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  1. bebop pedals (there are 8 sets in my household)
  2. king headset
  3. Ritchey Logic Compact Crankset (very low Q-factor)
  4. Phil Wood BB

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oury lock on grips (have replaced grips, but not lockers)
old avid ultimate levers
fizik nisene saddle- they have since changed them.

i really want a moots ti seatpost. that would go from bike to bike. i cant swallow the price, though.

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Flite saddles - 4 bikes, 4 flites. What can I say, they fit my butt.

SPD pedals. Bought the first spd pedal Shimano made, and I've just stuck with them. Keep meaning to switch to ATAC's, but too cheap to buy 4 sets of pedals.

King headset(s). Overpriced? Probably. Bombproof? Definitely.

Elite water bottle cages.

Oury grips. Oh so comfy.
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