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I have some free time on my hands so I thought I would do some mini-road trips around NorCal and especially the Bay Area and ride some new trails. Would people please post their favorite trails, what you like about them, and some general directions about how to get to them? The trails reviews on this site aren't very informative.

My favorite trail (or at least the one I ride the most) is the backside of China Camp State Park in San Rafael in Marin County. You take the Central San Rafael exit on Hwy 101. Head east on Mission St. when you exit off the freeway. Turn left on Grand almost immediately. Go for maybe a quarter mile. Turn right on Locust Dr. and go to the very end until you get to the trail head. Ride up the fireroad until you come across the second singletrack that intersects with the fireroad. Ride the singletrack until it ends at the paved road. Turn left and ride up the paved road. Turn left when the paved road intersects with a different fireroad. Ride fireroad until you see a singletrack on your left. Alternatively, turn off on singletrack to your right for a steep descend that will meet back with the fireroad again. Turn left onto the singletrack, which will lead you back to the first fireroad. Ride back down fireroad to the trailhead.

I like that particular loop because it's got some technical terrain and pretty narrow singletrack. It's a short loop that takes 1-1.5 hours, so is good for a weekday ride. The narrow singletrack, tight switchbacks (which get me almost every time), and a couple of 1-2ft drops might be intimidating for beginners. The fireroad climb sucks for lazy people like me, but the singletrack is worth it.

Ok, your turn. :)
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