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I am relatively new to mountain biking but am madly in love with it and even did my first adventure race recently. I can change a flat and lube the chain and that's about it. As my skill level progresses, I'd like to upgrade parts on my daughter's bike. (A buddy will help with anything technical.) Am about to either get her a hotrock or a trek mt 220. One of them is all black so I'd love to add some pink elements and make it lighter at the same time if possible. Was planning on starting off with saddle, grips and pedals. But I'm having a hard time knowing where to find kid sized components. I've seen in other forum posts that handlebar and seatpost are good places to save weight?

Besides ebay and craigslist, what online shops have a good assortment of kid components? She will be on a 24 in bike.

Thanks for the help!!
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