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favorite looking Hard Tail bike

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I know looks aren't everything but while I am researching bike specs and testing a bunch of bikes out, I just wanted to know what everyones favorite looking entry level bike.

I like the way the Gary Fishers such as the Tarpon, Advance, Marlin. The colors and frame just look [email protected]

I also like the way the Felt Q520 looks.

I really want to buy a Specialized bike BUT the I don't know if I like the way the frame is shaped on the Specialized bikes and their color scheme/designs are kind of dull and boring.

Trek has some nice looking bikes but some of their coors look to bright and kiddish. Especially in matte.
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I think the GF bikes are somewhat plain but a good looking plain if that makes sense.
Unfortunately, you can't get the two best-looking hardtails I've ever seen -- the Litespeed Kitsuma and the Solid Acer.

The Scott Scale looks sweet, though, as does the Surly Instigator.
Any bike in brushed aluminum.

I keep thinking off stripping mine but never get started. I'd rather ride.
Right now it's the Scott Scale 30. I like a lot though of different ones though, pretty much any 29er. Maybe I should pay more attention to the Scott 29er...?
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GT Zaskar Re-Issue is my favorite.

Best, John
This really got my mind working. I sometimes over think aesthetics. Although I didn't consider entry level, I did pick aspects of a few hardtail frames I really like, and some that I use to like.

I like the wishbone seatstays on the Trek 8500, the way the merge into each other and the seattube at the same time. I think this looks a lot nicer than lower end Trek hardtails where they merge into a short tube that then merges into the seattube.

The 2008 Trek 8500 looked nice as sold, just not my thing on the paint.I don't care for fancy paintjobs and decals all over my bikes.

A custom bike is generally going to be nice. I like the curves on the seatstays of Black Cats, and of course the curved seattube.

These two things with fillet brazed joints and the gusset at the headtube and downtube joint make for a really nice hardtail. I like fillet brazed bikes because of the organic look they have, similar to many carbon frames. The joints are smooth transitions from one tube to another, as opposed to sharp welded angles. But then again any nicely welded steel frame is going to have nice joints.

I use to like top tubes that curved both up and down. Unless it's a Retrotec bike or an old cruiser, I don't care for the curved top tube anymore.

My old Instigator and Juice. I no longer own these, not because I didn't care for the look, but because I never cared for how they rode. At the time though, I really liked the curved toptubes.

At the end if it all "I know looks aren't everything". Not to sound cliche, but any bike being ridden looks good enough for me.
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Great post julioardz. I agree. I ususally do not like fancy paint jobs or lots of decals. I wish there were more non custom bikes that were one solid color and not many decals.
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