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Haven't been on my favorite stretch of dirt road in a week. It's part of my big loop, this 2 mile gravel road is super wide fast rolling perfectly banked that made you feel like a super hero in the drops and just hammering. Taking off from the rural highway it twists and rolls to one of those residential areas where every other house is red, green or blue and there is a mercantile and 10,000 playgrounds surrounded by hiking trails, etc.

Evidently someone's Land Rover got dusted down by someone's Aston Martin or a rock dinged someone's $2500 rim because the entire backroad is blacktop!!!! Riding up it was as if a mirage had overtaken me, the heat was making me see things. Except it was raining and 55 degrees so mental exhaustion was not to blame.

Sad, just sad. ;)
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