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FATS is simply closed. No date for re-opening. I am waiting to see what the closure order says when it is issued.

It's soaked out there. Alot of new places are holding water simply because of the use the last few really wet weeks. No other reason for it. Just tread cupping caused by riders when the tread is like oatmeal. 98% continues to drain wonderfully. But 2% is a half mile....of oatmeal caused by these people. If use continued, we'd start to see more and more areas that need work.

The USFS tried to allow us to manage FATS' use ourselves. But some people can't help themselves. This past Saturday was a prime example. If poured rain all night Friday. Trail Closed sign up on Saturday, with the day and date on it. Trail blocked in 4 places w/in the first 500'. But some local riders showed up and left nice skid marks where they had to duck under the tape blocking the trail.

Now the USFS is going to close it and enforce fines. With the local USFS's limited staff, they can not open/close it like we were trying to do for them.

Good work by the ones that simply couldn't stay off it when it was saturated.

I'd say we will be working on it over the next few weeks. Deberming and armoring. Fun fun. The USFS here are good people. They were our partners on this trail construction and continue to be. The sooner we get it dry and armored up, the sooner it re-opens.
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