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Hey everyone - As you might know, in 2008 we are trying to get new members to join the club. And you, from the comfort of the chair you sit in, can help a lot. Please take 5 minutes and send an email to friends and co-workers that ride bikes asking them to join the club. To make things easy, below is an email you can cut and paste from.

What's in it for you? Every person you get to sign up (who puts your name in the 'Where did you hear about Fats' field) gets YOU another entry to the 2008 raffle. Big prizes await. And, the club gets stronger with every new member.

What's in it for them? They get entered into the 2008 raffle, they get 10% off at local bike shops, and they join a community of like minded people.

Just a few clicks of your mouse and you can really help out. It's a win for everyone.



Hi - I'm hoping you can do me a favor. I'm involved with a local bike club - Fats in the Cats (short for Fat Tires in the Catskills). The club is trying to get new members involved, and I'm wondering if you would consider joining the club.

It's super easy - just click this link.

The membership costs just $15 per year, and comes with lots of benefits including:

* 10% (or more) off purchases from local bike shops throughout the Hudson Valley including the Bike Depot in New Paltz, Overlook Bikes in Woodstock, the Bike Shop in Accord, and many other shops too. That discount alone will pay for the club membership.

* You get entered in a raffle that is giving away a free guided 4-day trip for 2 in Moab with Western Spirit Cycling (! Plus there are many other great prizes in the raffle like Dakine packs and bike gloves, riding shorts and tops. We have a bunch of prizes and not that many entries so your chances of winning something are pretty good.

* You get maps of local riding areas including Jockey Hill, 909, Ferncliff AND the sought after 'Fats in the Cats' sticker.

* Most importantly, your modest contribution will help the club build and maintain local singletrack, and keep areas open to mountain bikes. Working together the cycling community in the Hudson Valley can create more riding opportunities for mountain and road cyclists.
We maintain and have built most of the trails at the 909, Jockey Hill, and Onteora Lake.

The club has many group rides (for all level of riders), events, programs for underprivileged kids, and trips. More information about the club is at

Please send this email to friends or co-workers that rides bikes! Every new member makes the local cycling community stronger.

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